Aparthotel in Biarritz:

ideal for a thalasso break.

Biarritz has a long-standing tradition of thalassotherapy and wellness.  The first saltwater spas were built here at the end of the 19th century, but these only offered basic care. In the late 1970s, Louison Bobet, three-time winner of the Tour de France, opened an institution that offered some pioneering treatments: the Miramar. The champion cyclist theorised that thalasso acted on the body as a whole, helping it to fight fatigue and stress. Since then, this innovative thinking has been upheld, and the benefits of seawater are now unanimously accepted. Nowadays, Biarritz remains a thalasso hotspot and our guests can enjoy treatments at one of the thalasso centres in the town, just a few minutes from our aparthotel. These establishments offer à la carte treatments, wraps, modelling treatments, massages, beauty treatments, balneotherapy and much more - ideal for wellness enthusiasts!

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Nature and sporting activities

Our residence, situated 5 minutes from the sea, the Grande Plage and the casino, allows visitors to be at the heart of the activities the seaside resort has to offer. Biarritz is a paradise for all who love to visit beautiful, elegant villas, as well as surfers and golfers, walkers and hikers alike. 

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European surfing capital

With its magical spots and exceptional natural environment, Biarritz has quickly become a surfing hotspot. You can try out this Hawaiian sport for the first time or perfect your skills at one of the many surfing schools in the area.

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Biarritz and the Basque Coast:

the cradle of golf in France

A popular destination for English tourists during the 18th century, Biarritz was one of the first towns on the Continent to acquire a golf course. Nowadays, the seaside resort has two exceptional courses beside the ocean.

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