Explore the Basque Coast

from our residence

The Basque Coast is not only dotted with prestigious seaside resorts, but also offers breathtaking landscapes. Extending across over 30 km between Anglet and Hendaye, the coastline alternates between rocky, jagged shorelines, sheer cliffs and long, white sandy beaches. From the Socoa Lighthouse in Hendaye in the very south of the region, the Basque Corniche is a spectacular sight. Extending over an impressive 8 km, this masterpiece of nature invites you to ramble amid green cliffs, valleys and ridges, against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees.

To make the most of your visit to the Basque Coast, set your sights on the major seaside resorts, such as Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Anglet or Hendaye, as you set out from our residence, but make sure you also visit traditional little villages, such as Guéthary or Bidart. There, you will discover a tranquil atmosphere amid small fishing ports and panoramas that will take your breath away, such as the view from the Terrasse de Guéthary.

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Way of life

the pearl of the Basque Country

An emblematic resort in the Basque Country, Biarritz is the ideal base from which to explore the region. Just a few kilometres from our aparthotel, you can sample the unspoilt charms of the Basque villages.

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Between the sea and the mountains:

light and character

The Basque Country loves to develop its particularities. Between cultural traditions and natural curiosities, the region is filled with complete harmony, where life seems to flow perfectly. At the foot of the Pyrenees, it is difficult not to appreciate this serenity.

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the pearl of the Basque Country

While staying with us in Biarritz, you will have the seaside resort at your feet. Less than 10 minutes to the beaches and the ocean, the casino, the shops, the restaurants, the entertainment facilities... all the joys the town has to offer!

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